IEEE Standard Educational Kit (SEK)

The IEEE Standard Education Kits, former IEEE LEGO category, goal is to present an stimulating challenge to undergraduate students that need to assemble autonomous robots using approved educational kits for the competition. Two cooperative robots must act to perform a task that changes every year.

Chair: Marcelo Azevedo (


Rules for 2019 – English
Rules for 2019 – Portuguese

FAQ for 2019 – English
FAQ for 2019 – Portuguese



This category has been played in Brazil since 2003. The last results are:

 LARC/CBR 2019
Champion: Titãs da Robótica (IFES) – Espírito Santo | Brazil           Runner-up: Jaitech (IFPB) – Paraíba | Brazil

 LARC/CBR 2018
Champion: The Green Bellies – México           Runner-up: Dutx-LARVIC – Peru

 LARC/CBR 2017
Champion: Pequi Mecânico – SEK (Brazil/GO)           Runner-up: Vaqueros-FIC (Mexico)

 LARC/CBR 2016
Champion: ASIMOV (Brazil)           Runner-up: TuxTeam (México)

 LARC/CBR 2015
Champion: RBL (México)           Runner-up: Robótica Univille (SC)

 CBR 2014
Champion: Robótica Univille (SC)           Runner-up: FuLeg (UFCE-CE)

 CBR 2013
Champion: Droid-SEK (Brazil/DF)          Runner-up: EDROM (Brazil/MG)

   Champion: EDROM  (Brazil/MG)         Runner-up: Univille (Brazil)

CBR 2011
   Champion: EDROM (Brazil/MG)          Runner-up: Ultrabots (Brazil/ES)

   Champion: Ultrabots (Brazil/ES)           Runner-up: EDROM (Brazil/MG)

 CBR 2009
   Champion: Ultrabots (Brazil/ES)           Runner-up: SCRAT (Brazil)

   Champion: Ultrabots (Brazil/ES)           Runner-up:  Pegasos (Mexico)

CBR 2007
Champion: Jaguartronic (Mexico)           Runner-up:  SP15