1. Registration Schedule

TDP Submission starts: April 15th, 2019
TDP Submission Deadline: June 17th, 2019 EXTENDED UNTIL Jun 21th, 2019
Teams Pre-Registration : June 17th, 2019 EXTENDED UNTIL Jun 21th, 2019

2. Participation Requirements

The following requirements are mandatory for team participation:

  • The registered teams must represent an educational institution;
  • An institution can be represented by several teams;
  • The registration of different teams of the same institution in the same category are allowed only if the teams are composed by different students, robots and strategies;
  • The team must be pre-registered before June 17th, 2019 EXTENDED UNTIL Jun 21th, 2019;
  • Every team must submit a TDP (Team Description Paper).

3. Access: Registration Fees

4. Summary Procedure for Pre-registration

COMPETITOR MANUAL (only in Portuguese)

Each team should pre-register on Olimpo System ( within the specified period. To perform pre-registration follow these steps:

1. Log in Olimpo System or select the Register option to register an account to access the system. If you have forgotten your password, click Forgot Password?

2. Link to one or more institutions in the option: My Data > My Institutions.

3. Choose the option: Events and locate the LARC/CBR – Latin American and Brazilian Robotics Competition.

4. Click on the button Participate.

5. In the confirmation window, choose your institution and Confirm. If your account is not associated to any institution you should cancel this procedure and select My data > My Institutions. In this window you can associate your account to an existing institution or register a new institution in the system before associate it to your account. When you finish, go back and confirm your participation.

6. Go to My interests and select the button My jobs in LARC/CBR – Latin American and Brazilian Robotics Competition.

7. Click Include job and then Continue.

8. In the next window you will see a field called Title of Work. You should fill in this field with your TEAM NAME. Attention: It is not your TDP title, it is your TEAM NAME. You can not change this name after final registration.

9. In the next window select ONLY ONE category to pre-register your team. Each team should be pre-registered exactly to ONE category.

10. After choosing your team category, you should add all your team members in the field Authors. Even if you are not sure if a team member will attend the competition, you should add him in this field. It will not be possible to add or change team members after TDP submission, so it is better to add all possible team members at this point. To add a team member click in the button . In the registration of Authors window, you should choose if the team member is a Teacher or Student. Then you need to fill in at least the mandatory fields(*). It is a better practice that each team member register himself before you proceed with this step, so when you type the member Name you will see his registration and just choose it and retrieve all information. Repeat this step for each team member.

11. At this point your team pre-registration is finished and you can save it by clicking in the button Save for After Submitting. If you want to submit your TDP see further instructions in Papers.