Papers (TDPs)

All teams should submit a Team Description Paper (TDP) to participate in LARC/CBR 2019.

TDPs can be written in English or Portuguese.

Teams who do not submit a TDP or have their TDP rejected can not attend the event even if they have made ​​the payment of registration. Amounts paid will not be returned under any circumstances.

Teams from the same institution that participate in different categories, should submit different TDPs  for each category.

The TDP shall describe the ideas implemented in the team. You can describe the whole system or focus on one or two main components. We recommend that the innovative and important topics or alternative approaches adopted by other teams to the same problem and topics that might interest the other teams are included in the TDP.

It is especially important to provide clear and objective explanations. You can assume that readers are familiar to general topics related to the category (description, rules, etc.) and focus your text on the important topics of your work. It should be explained the technical details of how your approach works so that other researchers can replicate your experiments and results. Thus all researchers can benefit from each other’s experiences presented.

COMPETITOR MANUAL (only in Portuguese)

TDPs Format

The TDP should have the same format as LARS/SBR 2019.


Number of Pages: 4 to 6 pages. (set to A4)

How to Submit your TDP

To submit your TDP go to and follow these steps:

1. Login or register to the System

2. After login you may see a pop-up screen to update your personal data. Update your data and save.

3. If you have not pre-registered your team yet, do this before submitting your TDP. See instructions in Registration.

4. Go to My interests and choose My jobs in LARC/CBR – Latin American and Brazilian Robotics Competition.

5. Click in the Edit button () of your pre-registered team. Be careful not to click in the Delete button ( ) by mistake !!!

6. Check if all your team members are already registered in the field Authors. If there are any missing team member, register him before continuing the TDP submission. See instructions in Registration.

7. In the field Questionnaire submission of work, fill in the TDP  title and the Summary TDP with your Abstract (up to 1.000 characters) in English or Portuguese.

8. Click in the button Select Files and choose your TDP .pdf file. Then click in the button write files to upload your TDP.

9. If you are sure you will not modify your TDP you can confirm your submission by clicking in the button Submit in Final. After this you should wait for the notification of acceptance or not of your TDP.
Attention: Only teams whose TDPs are accepted can enroll in LARC/CBR.

So wait the notification of acceptance of your TDP before proceeding with payment of your registration fees. Registration fees will not be refunded under any circumstances.