RoboCupJunior Rescue Maze

In the Junior Rescue the students need to construct and program a robot able to follow a predetermined path bypassing obstacles and finding wounded persons.Robots identify victims within re-created disaster scenarios, varying in complexity from line-following on a flat surface to negotiating paths through obstacles on uneven terrain

In this year, there are two ways to register for the Junior Rescue category:

         – Brazilian teams: if your team is from Brazil, there will be regionals to define the  teams that will run in the finals of RoboCup Jr Rescue A (Levels 1 and 2). These teams have to enroll in the Brazilian Robotics Olympiad (completely free of charge) and play the regional in their states. These teams will be automatically classified to the RoboCup Jr Rescue A Finals. For RoboCupJunior Rescue Maze the guidelines are the same as for non-Brazilian teams.

         – non-Brazilian teams: if your team is from another world country than Brazil, please follow the guidelines in the Registration link to enroll.

The Brazilian team that wins the competition will represent the country in RoboCup Jr.

.Chair Rescue Maze: Diogo Novais (




This category has been played in Brazil since 2006. The last results are:


Rescue MAZE: Champion: Ennard Salles (Brazil/São Paulo)           Runner-up: Void Cafezinho (Brazil/Ceará)


Rescue MAZE: Champion: Delta Robotics (Brazil/CE)           Runner-up: Back (Brazil/SP)


Rescue MAZE: Champion: BACK (Brazil)           Runner-up: MARS (Brazil)

CBR 2013

Rescue MAZE: Champion: RAPTOR-B (Brazil/BA)           Runner-up: Night Shield(Brazil/SP)


Rescue A Level 1: Champion:Lobóticos NX (Brazil)              Runner-up: NJX 500 (Brazil)

Rescue A Level 2: Champion: Positronics (Brazil)                  Runner-up: NebotDroid (Brazil)

Rescue B: Champion: Emerotecos (Brazil)                  Runner-up: Raptor-B (Brazil/BA)

CBR 2011

Rescue Level 1: Champion: F13 (Brazil)                               Runner-up: loboticos rc (Brazil)

Rescue Level 2: Champion: Hiperion (Brazil)                        Runner-up:ANDROMEDA (Brazil)

CBR 2009
Champion: CIC Robotics Black (Brazil/BA)               Runner-up: Robotec (Brazil)

Champion: CRA Rescue3 (Brazil)                               Runner-up: Erri-U (Brazil)

CBR 2006
Champion: CIC Robotics (Brazil/BA)                          Runner-up: Mamute (Brazil)